Monday, November 3, 2008

Are you a servant?

We all know that God has called us to serve Him and others, but how well are we doing at this command He has given us? I know, I know. You're so busy! You don't have time to invest in others. You have work, school, family, kids.... you just don't have time! You have health problems and can't commit to anything. Yada yada yada...the excuses can go on and on. I have been known to make them, too. We all do.

I have come up with a list of 15 simple, easy things we can do to serve others. They all require different amounts of time and energy, so I am sure you can find SOMETHING that you are perfectly capable of doing.

1. Help clean the home for someone who is elderly or just simply unable to do so. Agree to clean for them or do laundry for them once a week, a month...whatever you can do!

2. Get together with your small group and hold a FREE car wash. This is a fun way to serve others, and it doesn't require a commitment! If you are physically unable to wash cars, agree to hold signs or help advertise!

3. Pick up trash in your neighborhood. People will notice that the area looks much better!

4. Volunteer at church to greet people.

5. Volunteer to work in the preschool, children's ministry, or youth group at church. If you cannot make a commitment, volunteer to help with any special events.

6. Volunteer at a local homeless or women's shelter. They need volunteers of all sorts!

7. Take a friend dinner. This is especially helpful when the family is ill or has welcomed a new one into the family.

8. Have coffee or dinner with someone. Sometimes the greatest thing you can do to help someone is just to be involved and show an interest in their life!

9. Babysit for FREE. Yep, that's right. Babysitters are expensive, and if you have a friend who needs a break, offer to watch their child(ren) free of charge! They will very much appreciate it!

10. Send out birthday cards and just because cards...just to say you are thinking of them or missed them in church! This costs a few bucks and takes only a moment.

11. Call someone randomly just to say hi. This takes no physical effort, little time, and costs nothing, but can mean everything.

12. LOVE. That's all.

13. When at work, why not ask your coworkers if you can do anything to ease their load when you have downtime?

14. Donate loose change. When checking out, leave it for the next customer. Cover someone's expired parking meter. Drop it for someone to pick up! Give it to a homeless person, or buy them a few McDonald's Bucks! Leave change in the little tray in a vending machine for someone to find.

15. More than anything, just pray for others! I like to keep one person in mind at all times and pray for them...someone who is having a hard time, or someone who is lost. Or, sometimes just because...ask God to bless them!

Remember that the point of serving someone is not for a pat on the back. It's not so you can receive credit. It's just because Jesus said so.

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