Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Marriage isn't religious?

Most of you have heard about the vote in CA the day of the Presidential election that banned same-sex marriage. Apparently (well, obviously) many people are very outraged at this. Today I read an article on cnn.com about this ban, and the gentleman that they are interviewing said something very interesting.

"Hughley: But I think what happens is that marriage, regardless of the legal aspects of it, are seen mostly religious. You stand before God and you vow to love and to cherish this woman or this man. And so I think people have a -- I know particularly people that I talked to -- had a hard time unhooking the religious component from the civil. "

So, am I right that he is saying that marriage should not be religous, but only a civil issue? God is the very one who created marriage in the first place, so who are we to take him out of it?

You don't have to wonder too much to figure out my stand on gay marriage, but I found this chilling.

What are your thoughts?

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