Tuesday, November 11, 2008

When trials become blessings

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I'm very thankful today. I'm thankful always...or at least I try to be, but especially today. Brandon and I have recently gone through a very rough patch together, and I must say, it has brought us so much closer together and strengthened our marriage greatly. It has made me more aware of words I choose (which seems to be a lesson theme in my life right now), and of how I treat him. It has helped him realize what he has to be thankful for, and that he really CAN talk to me. For the longest time, he was scared to death to tell me certain things for fear of judgment, which makes me think one of two things: 1)Either I am extremely judgmental, or 2) it was simply because I am his wife, and the last person he wants to disappoint. For the purpose of my ego, I'll go with the latter. Either way, once he talked to me and realized that I wasn't going to run him over with my car, lock him out of the house, or pack my things and leave, he learned that he can confide in me...no matter what. I may not always smile and nod, or say "Ok, honey. That's fine...no biggie," but I will support him and choose to be thankful that he told me in the first place, even if I didn't want to hear it. Ever since we discussed this issue and went through a few days of emotional and mental distance, we have been closer than we have since the day we married. We haven't argued (we bicker like crazy!), we have both been so much more patient with one another, and in all honesty, some of those "old feelings" have come back. God has taught us some great lessons through this, and I am eternally greatful. I know that we'll have to go through rough times now and then, and I know that we will face more trials in the future, but for now, for this moment, things are amazing. We have learned that we are SUPPOSED to be different, even complete opposites (which we are), and that it's ok! We aren't weird for being completely different from one another and for challenging each other. If we didn't challenge each other, our lives would be totally boring. So, thanks, God, for waking us up. And thanks to everyone for your prayers, support, and encouragement. We love you.

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