Thursday, November 13, 2008

Me? Organized? Apparently.

Lately I have been extremely organized. Well, when it comes to schedules, anyway. I have actually created a "Christmas Holiday Schedule." This is a first, I must say. So was creating a Fall Schedule (which we actually stuck to, by the way!). But I have found out that if I do not write activities into my calendar, we will never do them. We always find an excuse, or something else comes up. But, if I write them down, then it becomes a solid plan, and I don't feel so bad telling people "no" when they ask us to do something else.

I have been REALLY into the seasonal spirit this year...first Fall, now Christmas. And when I say REALLY, I cannot express just how into it I am. I've always loved this time of year, but for some reason, this year I simply couldn't wait until Thanksgiving to begin the Christmas season. I suppose it is partly due to the fact that last year we lived with my parents and were flat broke, bored, and miserable. So, this year, even though we're still broke, I am determined not to be bored! I am so thankful to be on our own feels wonderful. Last year just didn't feel like Christmas, so I am determined to make up for it this year! We already have the house decorated, packages wrapped AND under the tree!! Yeah...I've lost it.

So, here are my activites so far for this year:

11/22 Music at the Mills with the band Down Here.
12/5 Nashville Christmas Parade! (Neither of us have ever seen it!)
12/6 Annual trip to Opryland Hotel to see lights, and have hot cocoa in the Delta!
12/13 Brandon and I are baking and decorating Gingerbread Men! I am excited!
12/13 Later that evening, I am thinking of having a Christmas party/movie night with a few, popcorn, a Christmas movie, and maybe board games!
12/20 I scheduled an entire day to do my Christmas baking!
12/24 Christmas Eve at mom-in-law's
12/25 Christmas Day at my mom's
12/27 Possible Christmas in Sparta

I also plan to go on a carriage ride through Nashville one afternoon, as well as going to the Festival of Lights in Lebanon one evening. :-)


Katie said...

I LOVE your Christmas calendar. Maybe I will blog about mine too! So glad that the Nashville Christmas parade is on your list. I love it and its even better now that its at night. Its super cold but really fun.

I also love that you have Christmas presents under the tree. I have bought some but I'm afraid Tifi will tear off the wrapping paper so I will wait.

jennifer said...

I love it! I think it's great! Maybe I should make a calendar too. I'd love to take Abby to the Christmas Parade; is friday the only day they are doing it? I haven't seen anything about it yet. Well... I love your list and hopefully our schedule will have some give and take so we can do some family things this holiday season. Just driving around and looking at holiday lights always gets me in the spirt.

Though you shouldn't feel guilty for putting up all your Christmas stuff up so early, There is a house on our way home that is completely decorated already and lites up at night. It is sooo pretty. Can't wait until after Thanksgiving. I get giddy just thinking about it. lol.