Tuesday, November 25, 2008

In light of the holiday...

I thought I should write about all the amazing blessings in my life, or "count my blessings," so to speak. I have so much to be thankful for this year, and these are just some of them.

- My husband, and that he puts up with me day in and day out.

-That God had mercy on Brandon and I, and saved us from what could have had much worse effect on our marriage. He used what seemed so bad, and turned it into something that drew us closer together, helping me to forgive and Brandon to get past things.

- My mother's health. I am so thankful that they got all of the melanoma, and that God has healed her.

- That I have another year with my family. Since my parents are 65 and 70, it is never far from my mind that this might be the last Thanksgiving/Christmas with them. They still hopefully have years ahead of them, but watching my Daddy change so much this year, becoming slower and slower has really made me realize that not everyone lives till they are 90 or 100.

- That my sister got married and is happy.

- That we have our own place this year! (We were living with my parents this time last year)

- That our rent is NOT going up when our lease is up!

- that we both have jobs!!!!

- That my mother in law has been so gracious as to give me a free ride to work the last few months to help us save on gas. This has helped tremendously!

- Our new church

- New friends. Bekah, Glenda, Brian, Charles, Jennifer G., our small group... they have been a blessing.

And here is what/who I am praying for this Thanksgiving:
-All of those who do not have anyone to spend Thanksgiving with.
- Those who have lost their jobs, homes, cars, etc in the economy.
- That people will stop complaining long enough to realize all of the blessings they have been given.
- Everyone to have safe travels, of course
- Our friends, Bekah and Charles, who are having a tough time. Charles' health, and finances.
- My friend, Jennifer...I am asking God to bless her and show her the way to go.
- My sister and Darrin, that they will feel God's love for them.
- Of course, this isn't all, but these are some of my prayers this year.

What are YOU thankful for this year?

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