Friday, November 14, 2008

My Husband Rocks Fridays

Every week on Thursdays after work, I go to the store...95% of the time by myself. I HATE going grocery shopping because I can think of much better things to spend money on. I mean, who needs food, right? Well, Brandon's not usually up for going to the store with me...he would rather stay home and play video games or sleep. Well, I didn't make it to the store last night, and so this morning Brandon called when he got off work and told me to email him the grocery list (it was in my purse) HE could go to the store today!!!!! This never happens. He is giving up sleep (he works 3rds) so he can go to the store while I'm at work! I don't even have to SEE the inside of the grocery store this week! And, he even is going to 2 different stores! That REALLY never happens!

Thank you, Baby! You rock! :-)

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jennifer said...

Awww... He DOES ROCK!!!! Go Brandon!